Does CBD Cream Help with Pain?

Trying to see if CBd cream might be a good option for you? Read our complete guide to using CBD Cream for pain.

You must have heard of CBD and its amazing benefits for health purposes and pain relief. It’s extracted from the hemp plant but unlike THC, another hemp extract, is non-intoxicating. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and neuro-protective properties which are the main ingredients found in a lot of pain-relief creams and so to answer whether it offers pain relief, yes, CBD cream may help with pain.

The World Health Organization published the Cannabidiol Critical Review report in 2018 and said that CBD is well tolerated by most patients and has a low likelihood to cause undesirable side effects. This makes it a great option for anyone in need of pure and organic pain relief that delivers CBD to the source of your pain for almost instant and long-lasting pain relief.

We recently spoke with Matt from TruHarvest Farms, who produces one of the most popular CBD Muscle Cream products on the market right now. Matt was able to give us some insights into the benefits of using CBD creams and lotions.

Other Uses of CBD

If you’re wondering what else you can use this effective CBD cream for, read on for an outline of a few other applications.

  • As a natural wrinkle solution based on its moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD oil is very similar to the oils found naturally in the skin, so it is possible to use CBD oils, creams and balms to minimize the appearance of wrinkles which show more in dry skin.
  • To cure acne which besides the appearance of blemishes cause some amount of pain needing relief. Cannabidiol is worth looking into as it has the ability to get deep into the skin tissue and help solve problems beneath the surface.
  • To help with psoriasis which affects over 8 million Americans. With its soothing properties, CBD creams are able to soothe the irritation and keep inflammation to a minimum. With the movement to reduce the usage of prescription medicines, more people are finding relief from psoriasis by using this hemp extract that is gentle on their skin.

  • As an eczema solution which is another skin problem, but one caused mostly by allergies to pollen and other substances which may be in the air. CBD infused creams deeply moisturize the skin thereby granting relief from the dry itchiness that is the main complaint with eczema.
  • To help with rashes and burns because it is a natural emollient. Skin that has been irritated by sunburn, abrasions, or even topical scalds and fire burns will be relieved by the double properties mentioned throughout this article: moisturizing abilities and pain relief.
  • For managing arthritis which causes pain, discomfort and stiffness of the joints. When applied topically on skin, CBD from the cream quickly penetrates through the pores and provides relief from pain and affords improved mobility to the user. While this is not in itself a cure for arthritis, it provides much needed relief and people have reported less pain and stiffness in the morning when they wake after consistently massaging CBD based creams into their problem areas.

  • To soothe nausea which is one of the most common effects of chemotherapy. While at the moment CBD oils and creams are not FDA approved nausea aids, many people have said that they tried many other alternatives but didn’t quite get the relief that CBD-based aromatherapy provided.
  • To ease muscle and joint pain after sprains or strains, or just the general aches one may get after working out a bit too hard. Reports give evidence that people suffering from muscle soreness, chronic pain, and joint discomfort have gotten relief by using CBD creams and lotions which they massage into the problem areas.

The Three Types of Cannabidiol Infused Creams

There are three different types of CBD-based topical creams depending on which part of the hemp plant was used, and they are:

Full Spectrum


Creams labeled as full spectrum have all parts of the hemp plant extracted into them, so they contain all the oils including THC. The use of full spectrum products gives an entourage effect to the user therefore anyone who doesn’t want to get the ‘high’ associated with THC should not pick this option.

Broad Spectrum


Products labeled as broad spectrum have all the oils from the hemp plant apart from THC. It’s a solution for those users who want to get the full benefits of the hemp plant but not the ‘high’ induced by THC, so it’s a great all-rounded solution that imparts the useful properties of the hemp plant to its users.



As the name suggests, this option is when an individual cannabinoid is isolated for use, and examples include CBG and CBN products which only contain the specific oil listed. Users of isolate-based creams and oils don’t get the full or entourage effect.


A Solution for a Variety of Issues

If you’re in need of a fully natural product for various aches and ailments, CBD is a great solution because it contains no chemicals and has practically zero negative effects.

When combined with other natural products like Manuka honey, camphor, coconut oil, vitamins A and C, menthol and others, it yields even more great effects.

Note that Hemp seed oil is a different thing altogether though, as it is made by pressing the cannabis sativa seed oil from the plant while CBD oil is extracted from the leaves and stems. Hemp seed oil has no known medical benefit so while shopping, be careful as it’s not to be used interchangeably with CBD-based oils and creams.

If you haven’t already, you ought to give this amazing cream a go, and you may just be surprised how effective nature can be against many ailments!

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