Affiliate Disclosure

We’re sure you’ve heard of affiliate disclosure, but let us tell you a bit more about it. You see, when a company partners up with an affiliate to promote their products or services, they must disclose this information in order to remain compliant and ethical. In short: affiliate disclosure lets people know what deals are being offered and who is offering them.

  1. Twenty Thirty Forty is a “for profit” business and digital magazine, we make money on advertising agreements, spokes person contracts as well as sponsored content. However, when it comes to our reviews, none of these business dealings ever cloud our judgement. We are proud to point out we are an independent publisher and all the opinions here are solely our own. We welcome all items for a product review or story, but be aware that you might not like the result if you submit something for evaluation and your item or service is junk. All reviews are done with honesty and integrity; so if your product or food is sub-par, we are going to tell people!
  1. If you click on any of the links on this site, we may get a commission. This is how we buy more products, go to new locations to review, and pay for services. We do not consider how much money we make from affiliate links, advertising, or other sales when ranking locations or products.

*Twenty-Thirty-Forty is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

*This site, along with our social media accounts, are to express our opinions and thoughts on various things, mostly food and online shopping. Sometimes we are sent items for review from companies to try out and post on our social accounts. Many times, we get to keep the items and, in some cases, even offer them to our followers in a contest, raffle, or giveaway promotion. Sometimes, we also have a chance to make a commission if our recommendation results in a sale. 

*On this website and some additional accounts, we also use affiliate marketing and links to websites such as Amazon, Shareasale, PepperJam and Consumer Junction, Awin and others which can also result in getting compensated. 

It’s just like the old adage “Let the buyer beware” – if someone is getting something for free or at a discount because of their relationship with an affiliate, that person should understand that they have access to these resources due to their special connection. So make sure you take full advantage of this information and always do your research before making any purchases.

Our website and social media accounts are devoted to conveying our outlooks and musings on an array of topics, primarily food-related and shopping. From time to time, businesses send us products for evaluation and share our experiences on social media. We are often gifted with the items we review, so much that sometimes we can offer them to our followers for a chance to win in an exciting contest or promotion. What’s more, if our audience decides to purchase it as well due to us recommending it – then there is also an opportunity of making a profit from commission! We like to highlight here and other places that Twenty Thirty Forty is a for profit magazine.