Take Your Backyard To The Next Level With These Design Ideas

Your garden is a precious space in your real estate property and an area at the center of your family life – especially during the summer and spring months! But with suitable investments and additions, your backyard can extend your home’shome’s livable square footage, increase your property’sproperty’s market value, and boost your home’shome’s livability. 

Need help figuring out how to get started? This quick-start guide by Twenty Thirty Forty can help you discover the best backyard trends for 2023 and choose the best ones for your garden. 

Install a Firepit

If you want to turn your garden into an area for socializing with your friends and family, don’tdon’t think twice about installing a fire pit! While simple to build and install, a fire pit can represent the central focus of your garden, where your invitees and guests can gather, enjoy s’moress’ mores, and share life stories!

Add a Fountain or Water Feature

Another great option to add structure to your outdoor area is to invest in a water feature. Ponds, fountains, zen gardens, or even small waterfalls can help you add dynamicity, movement, and texture. What’sWhat’s more; water features are a great option to make your garden more livable throughout the year, attract wildlife, and determine a focal point in your garden’sgarden’s landscape.  

Invest in an Outdoor Movie Screen

If you are a movie buff, you should consider investing in something other than an outdoor TV or movie screen! While you might not be taking advantage of this new feature daily, a private outdoor cinema can be a great way to spend a fun evening with your loved ones or friends. 

If you are planning the ultimate movie marathon, donì’t forget to buy enough popcorn and snacks for everyone!

Make Your Garden More Enjoyable With a Trampoline or Playground

Doubtless, spending time with friends and family is good for your mental and physical health! And your garden can help you make the most of your time together! 

A great way to make your backyard more fun and enjoyable for your whole family or young kids is to invest in a trampoline or custom playground area. This simple addition might be all you need to make your underused outside space livable all year round. 

Attract Wildlife and Birds

There are endless ways to make your garden more unique – starting with a custom landscape! 

For example, creating an English garden instead of an Italian or French landscape can help you naturally keep some areas of your backyard wild. This will help attract wildlife and birds—looking to bring even more life to your garden? Choose different flower varieties, add plants, and build bird feeders!

Add Furniture, Heating, and Blankets

Durable outdoor furniture is critical to transforming your garden into a place your whole family can enjoy throughout the year. Ideally, it would be best to look for tables and chairs made of UV-resistant material that can be easily rearranged. 

If you are renovating your backyard on a budget, consider putting your DIY skills to the test and creating custom furniture made for your outdoor area made of upcycled materials. 

In any case, don’t skimp on cushions, blankets, heating, and outdoor lighting fixtures to make your backyard livable all year round. 

Invest in Professional Landscaping Services

Investing in professional landscaping services is essential to create an aesthetically appealing and efficient backyard. When working with a landscaping expert, you can incorporate custom details and design a garden area that will positively impact your home’shome’s market value. 

Make Your Backyard More Livable With a Patio or Veranda

Undoubtedly, your garden is a livable area during the warmer months of the year. Nonetheless, as soon as Fall comes around, it can become harder to spend time outdoors without the right additions to your backyard – especially if you live in areas where winters are freezing!

If you want to make your garden more livable throughout the year, invest in a patio, veranda, or decking area that allows you to stay warm and sheltered from the elements. 

Add Privacy to Your Home With Trees and Perennial Grasses

Planting handpicked plants, trees, and perennial grasses such as the Stipa tenuissima, Stipa gigantea, and the Pennisetum villosum can help you add privacy to your home. Moreover, perennial species are a great option to reduce noise from stress and insulate your home further, thus creating a private oasis in your garden. 

Start a Vegetable Garden

One of the most significant trends shaping over the past years is the rise in consumer demand for sustainable and locally sourced produce. 

Suppose you have always wanted to bring even fresher fruit and vegetables to your family’sfamily’s dinner table. In that case, you might consider taking up gardening and transforming your backyard into a vegetable garden. What’s more, this hobby can offer endless benefits for your mental and physical health!

Add a Custom Granny Annex or Garden House

Are you looking to expand your livable square footage? You are certainly not the only one! As house prices and inflation continue to increase, many families want to reduce their living costs or maximize their available space. 

One of the best ways to do so is to turn your back garden into an area for you and your family. Setting up a Granny Annex or a garden house are cost-efficient ways to do so!

Set Up an Outdoor Gym

If you have started to work out from home during the pandemic and are now stuck with this routine, consider the benefits of turning your backyard into a private gym. For example, consider setting up a weightlifting area and a pilates room. Alternatively, you could build a private basketball field or football pitch. 

Build a Bar

Looking for options to keep your guests entertained while visiting your garden? Look no further than setting up an outdoor bar! Some options to do so include installing a wine fridge or adding a bar cart with everything that is needed to make cocktails and enjoy a drink in the garden!

Invest in an Outdoor Pizza Oven, BBQ Corner, or Kitchen

There are endless benefits to investing in an outdoor kitchen! From boosting your home’shome’s market value to making your backyard more functional and enjoyable during your next parties, an outside kitchen can make any gathering more entertaining. 

Whether it is a BBQ corner or a custom pizza oven, there are multiple options to create a cooking area right in your backyard! 

Add Luxury With a Hot Tub or Swimming Pool

If you have always wanted to bring luxury and exclusivity to your home, consider investing in a hot tub or swimming pool. Before following this key backyard trend for 2023, be sure to understand how to maintain your facilities and how to use them to enhance your home’shome’s value and comfort!

The Takeaway 

The past years’ events have made it clear that, for millions of families, the home’shome’s backyard plays a critical part in every household’shousehold’s daily life. 

The trends above allow you to improve your backyard’s comfort, livability, and functionality – but remember to partner with an expert designer to understand better how to invest your resources. 

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