What Every Newlywed Needs in Their Kitchen – Gift Ideas For Any Budget

Before you can ever say, “I do”, there are several areas that you need to talk about with that special love of your life. And one of those key subjects that should come up includes deciding on what essential tools the two of you will need in your kitchen. 

While mom and dad seemed to have just about everything you could possibly need in their kitchen when you were growing up, now it’s your turn to have a kitchen of your own. 

Don’t know where to even begin? That won’t be a problem. There are several items that you should consider adding to your wedding registry. These are essential items that every newlywed needs in their kitchen. 

THEKY Kitchen Gift Set Mr. + Mrs. Aprons

Every newly married couple is sure to spend some fun and quality time in the kitchen together but they’ll need the proper attire and tools to have the success they’re hoping for. This kitchen gift set by THEKY includes a personal greeting card, his and hers matching denim aprons, oven mitts, and a red pot holder.  

Set of Quality Knives

There’s a lot of slicing and dicing involved when it comes to preparing a meaty dish for your husband. The same goes for when you’re whipping up your wife’s favorite vegetable dish or mouth-watering salad. If you don’t know what to get the set of newlyweds, a set of good quality knives always does the trick. 

Bread Machine

While a bread machine may not be necessarily considered essential for a newlywed couple to receive for a wedding gift, you couldn’t be more wrong! For most people out there, there’s nothing quite like walking into the house with the welcoming smell of warm doughy bread that’s been baking in the kitchen after a long and hard day at work.  

Quality Griddle

There are sure to be plenty of mornings that you’ll want to make a warm hearty meal for your significant other and vice versa. A quality griddle that you place on your stove can prepare all sorts of breakfast favorites, including pancakes, eggs, sausage, as well as grilled cheese, fried egg sandwiches, and more! 

Coffee Machine

Start every morning off right with the one you love while sipping on a delicious cup of Java. Whether it’s a Keurig or a Mr. Coffee machine that you decide to go with, you’re sure to have a great day with coffee to the rescue. Even if neither of you is much of a coffee drinker, it’s something most people end up loving as they get older! 

Slow Cooker

Once the honeymoon is over, it doesn’t take long before life becomes extremely busy. A Slow Cooker will provide you and your spouse with hundreds of simple recipe solutions for when you’re always on the go. All you’ll need to do is throw a few ingredients together in your Slow Cooker and set the appropriate temperature and you’ll have dinner ready to go when you both get home.   

Air Fryer 

A newlywed’s kitchen simply wouldn’t be complete without this last amazing gift idea on this list. An air fryer is another valuable tool that can make dinnertime even easier when you already have a lot going on. You’ll have fully cooked meals in no time such as chicken wings, french fries, mozzarella sticks, and veggies like brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and more! 

When you’re busy thinking about sharing the rest of your life with someone else, you may not know exactly what you need for your kitchen in your new home. The items listed above are great things to have on your wedding registry so that your home is ready to go when you get back from your honeymoon. What are some other kitchen essentials that newlyweds should ask for on their wedding registry?

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